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When Olivier Francheteau was a child, he used to change every month all the posters from
his bedroom, which made his mum crazy because of all the holes on the walls. Very early, he understood that it was not just to look his bedroom beautiful but there was something more than that, something more cathartic. That's the way his passion to decoration has begun.

This sensibility has influenced all his career and could express in many ways like cinema, theatre in Paris where he has been taught how to play with the decor, and as well in luxury in Nice where his work as a visibility expert has been congratulated so many times.


All these experiences have in common this strong desire to make people dream. 


Still with this philosophy in mind, he tries, when he is 40, a new challenge, the most exciting one obviously : to create his own company of decoration.


Since his first projects, Olivier shows quickly his difference through a smart work on colours (he studied how colours can change you) and a subtle combination of styles to celebrate the past decades.


Olivier is a storyteller thanks to a questionary dedicated to his customers. All the answers give birth to a concept which is useful for the steps of the project. The key of the success without any doubt.

Based in Nice, he works as well in les Alpes Maritimes, Provence Alpes Côte D'Azur, Monaco, Paris and in foreign countries​. 


In 2017, he published Interior Confrontations , his first eBook about his tips in decoration, his favourite creations in design, his most beautiful addresses to go shopping and to go out for a drink, one dream list of profesionals to answer your needs for your  every day life, a few films and videos where decoration is important are mentioned. 


The idea of an eBook is to avoid any interior design faux pas. Not   only does this book offer you useful tips but it also sets out the basics to get your interior design project off on the right foot. The advice is intended to be very personal and should not be seen as the solution to your problems, but offer food for thought.

82 free pages.


In 2018 and 2019 as well, he won the best photo award by Houzz, a good way to congratulate the quality of his work.

Among his services, 4 options are to choose : 

- decoration to renovate your interior (villas, flats...) or offices, shops, restaurants... 

- coaching to receive profesional 

advices from an expert to answer all your questions in 60 minutes

- merchandising to optimize your sales by beautiful windows and displays

- home staging to update your property to help you to sell it better.


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"Olivier FRANCHETEAU est le décorateur qui a su comprendre mes besoins et les formaliser dans des objets et des couleurs. Il a modifié l'ambiance de mes bureaux et nous a offert un cadre de travail agréable et dynamique ! Toute l'équipe en est ravie !!!" 

Me Stéphanie Jourquin (Nice)


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Savez-vous distinguer avec précision le travail d'un architecte d'intérieur d'un décorateur ?

La confusion entre ces 2 activités professionnelles existe bel et bien 

et provoque souvent moult méprises, 

d'où la nécessité de faire un point sur ces 2 professions différentes et complémentaires pour être sûr de s'adresser au bon interlocuteur.

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Comment choisir votre décorateur d'intérieur ?

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Decoration ? Coaching ?

Home staging ? Merchandising ?


Interventions in les Alpes Maritimes, in Nice, from Mougins, Cannes, to Menton and Monaco, for luxury villas, flats, offices, hotels and restaurants. And also in Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Rennes and even in foreign countries.


Download Interior Confrontations to make your interior look like an elegant cocoon. 89 pages with deco advices, amazing pieces in design. Free download.



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